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IHYV Fic: Doors (part II)

She didn't see him for a while after their last encounter. A blessed thought, that - though for reasons she couldn't explain.

Thankfully, no one was asking.
She did, however, come across the other public defender. Nowadays, burning animosity was no longer her company when seeing her childhood friend - though there were still embers left of it in the deepest parts of her heart.

Especially upon seeing her so... happy. So painfully, obviously blissful she was practically glowing.


"Oh, hello, you."

She gritted her teeth at the obnoxiously fake greeting. "You seem to be in good spirits. Wonderful. At least now, maybe, I can expect acceptable arguments from you - unlike yesterday."

That effectively burst Hye Sung's blissful bubble. "I'll have you know that the only reason you managed to beat me was because I only knew about the case thirty minutes prior to handling it. If Attorney Cha hadn't left--"

"He did?"

"There was an emergency," was the response she got. "He was supposed to handle the case but he had to leave. Someone has to step in and, well, I did. Naturally, my knowledge of it was limited yesterday. That won't be the case today."

It irked her that there were questions wandering around her mind, wanting to be spoken. What was the emergency? Where did he go? When will he be back? Instead, she cleared her throat and said, "It hardly matters which one of you I face in court nowadays. Doesn't it bother you that you have no originality whatsoever? You've copied his style so completely it's a wonder he hasn't sued you for it."
"It doesn't really matter what style I use, does it? I always beat you, anyway." As if to emphasize her point, Attorney Jang flipped her hair and smirked at her.

She smirked right back. "We'll see about that."


She won. Naturally.

But as she collected her things, she saw Park Soo Ha approach Hye Sung, tap her shoulder, smile - and get a kiss for all his troubles.

She watched them walk out of the courtroom, hand in hand. Happy. Together.

No, she wasn't envious.

But she was suddenly, painfully aware that there was no one waiting for her outside the courtroom.


It wasn't her goal in life to save the world or anything like that. It wasn't even her intention to save anyone.

But, minutes later here she was, rushing to an old, limping man as he tried to cross the street - in the midst of furiously honking cars.

"Here, elder, let me--"

"I'll help you--"

She looked up, and found herself staring at the round eyes of Attorney Cha.

"--Prosecutor Seo?" he said.

She was saved from making an inane response by a particularly loud honk behind her. 

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