I lol'd (zarahjoyce) wrote,
I lol'd

 Hiromu/Yoko: Shoes, Future, Suitcase, Breath, Jewel

TeruiAkiko Windmill, Plastic, Snow, Cover, Horizon

JoeLuka Map, Sail, Compass, Treasure, Crew (ok those were less random and more pirate-themed ...)

Hoji & Jasmine: New, Life, Bear, Star, Sleep

Haruka/Takeru: alternate, vision, technology, grapefruit, stapler

Kaito/Mai - Again, Hat, Softly, Literacy, Wonder

Takatora/Akira: Queen, Star, Fruit, Wisdom, Void.

Hoji/Jasmine: domestic, now, tea, laugh, then
Jabi (general) - Sentiment, Queen, Eternity, Home, Circle
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